Posted by: Tom | 23, 09, 2008

Three and a half years hard labour

Transported deep under the ground for hours, I arrived not knowing quite what to expect. The bright pink lights made everything seem a little sterile as I walked into a room filled with zombified faces, each slightly pale from the lack of natural light. It was tough but I served my time, and after three and a half years of breaking rocks (and other monotonous tasks in the 9-5) my parole finally came through – I am FREE!

Ok, so it wasn’t quite that bad, but when you’re out of the natural light for most of the day and get rained on the rest of the time it’s not so inspiring. So, I’ve bought a one way ticket to Mumbai, quit my job and next week I start my quest to find sunshine and bring it home – or at least ensure I come back a little less pale than I am today.  If you wanna see pictures of Elephants, other cool stuff in far off places, or just laugh at me rambling on about how hard it is to get toast and jam then stay tuned.

Enjoy the rain! 😉

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