Posted by: Tom | 04, 10, 2008

Packing, The Turtle and The Jet

I’ve been away from London for 4 days as I write this and somehow I’ve travelled a fair bit already, here’s the low-down on what’s been happening, the blogs are a few days behind right now though…

Monday arrives and I’ve prepared nothing, this is typical of me before a holiday but a little extreme considering I’m away for a liiitle longer than 2 weeks this time.  I’ve bought a 65 litre backpack and another at 20 litre to carry around the things I need to hand, trouble is, I can fill them both and there’s still more to go in, I’m supposed to be travelling light!  Duke arrives at my place and after whittling my possessions down as much as possible, I manage to fit everything in with both packs filled to the brim.  As we leave I’m carrying more than 22 kilos, with one pack on my back and the other on my front I look like a turtle – if I fall over I’m absolutely eff’d!

We arrive at the airport and look for the queue for Jet Airways and as we do I curse myself for being too cheap to lay out the extra cash for Virgin.  Indian rules already apply with people jumping in and others saving spaces for the whole of their extended family as they squeeze in front of us, we soon wise up to this.  I phone Myke to find out where the hell he is, he’s taking his sweet time and still on the train but tells me that there’s a special queue for people who checked in online, so Duke and ‘The Turtle’ burst out of the ‘stupid’ queue and lunge into the short queue – ‘yesssss!’ I think, as I mentally wave the finger at the queue jumpers 😉  Lauren arrives and we wait in line a little while, we check in and Myke eventually strolls in later – the queue then disappears, the waters part and the man has his bag on the plane in seconds, jammy son of a… mother!

So, what of the flight?  Well, you may ask ‘Should I fly Jet Airways?’, and I’d say that overall the flight was fairly good but I did have an issue with the cleanliness of the toilets.  Anyone that knows me will tell you that hygiene comes pretty high up on my list and the toilets on our plane appeared to have been a little neglected.  In one, I found that someone had regurgitated what looked like the veggie curry we’d eaten earlier all over the back of the seat – whether it was vomit or something from the other end I have no idea!  The one next to it constantly had water patches on the floor, I was reluctant to get close enough to find out whether it was a select few people aiming badly or just a leak somewhere but either way it should have been taken care of.  Despite this, the plane ride was pretty smooth, there were touch screens with a large movie selection on demand and the staff were friendly, although food service was a tad slow but if you’re on a budget it’s not bad, just don’t use the toilets during the latter portion of your journey!


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